What's a good place to order a futon from in the SF Bay Area?
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Is there a company in the SF Bay Area that can deliver a futon to me without making me miserable or driving me insane?

I'd like to get a futon that can fold out into a bed.

I'd like to just select it on a website, and have them bring it to my place.

I guess I'd kind of prefer an organic futon.

Can anyone recommend a company in the San Francisco Bay Area that can help me with this?

Do you know any other details or wisdom about futons?

In case it's relevant, background info...

I'm planning to put it in the living room of my second floor apartment in front of the TV. They're going to have to bring it up two flights of stairs. The entrance is so tight you can't get a couch through it, so I need something that's delivered disassembled.
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I've had good experiences with Just Futons in Berkeley if that's your part of the Bay. Might have to visit in person or phone, but they came to my house and built the thing for me.
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I think Ikea carries futons and has delivery.
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Fancier furniture places do stuff like this as well (I.e., Room&Board). You could also hire someone via taskrabbit or a similar service.
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