Looking for Mythology Curriculum Given in Grade School in the Seventies
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Trying to identify the mythology books I was given over the summer in grade school in the mid-seventies. They were definitely curricular, I think even had characters like Sam (a boy) and Nip (a dog), perhaps there was a girl named Jane but I may be confusing her with the other series we all know. I'm not a teacher, just want to re-visit them for nostalgia's sake.

They were in a large, paperback form, like a coloring book, I think. Other students weren't given them so they may not be very well-known. (A kind teacher gave them to me because we lived far away from any library.) If they are part of a curriculum, how would I go about finding them to purchase?
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Sullivan Program Readers
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Wow, right out of the gate! Thanks so much.
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