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I am looking for a neat-looking clock.

We had this clock on our mantelpiece until it broke recently. Now I keep looking over there to find out what time it is.

Can you suggest a replacement? I prefer a retro or modern look, or at least something that is compatible with that aesthetic. We can't wall-mount it, it has to be sit-on-top and run on batteries. It should be ewasy to read from across the room - either digital or has to have numbers on the face, and large enough to see.

Budget: less than $200.

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Best answer: For this kind of thing (practical thing that is also funky looking), I would look at museum stores. MoMa. AIC. MCA.
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Best answer: The clock tag over at Uncrate might have something that interests you.
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Best answer: No chance for AC power? A Nixie-tube clock might fit the bill.
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Response by poster: Those tube clocks are awesome, but no power unless we drill through some marble slabs, so, nope. Sad.
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Response by poster: Museum stores are a great idea. This one looks good.
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Best answer: May I suggest Uncommon Goods? I love them for this sort of thing.
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How about a modern-styled anniversary clock?

You wind it once a year (on your anniversary, hence the name, or on your birthday).
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions. My favorite clock is this one which I cannot currently afford.
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Response by poster: For those who care, I figured out that I could attach a clock to the wall after all, and bought this retro one which I am very happy with.
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