Help me find a vocal sample from an electro swing tune.
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Does anyone know where the vocal sample from this song comes from? The song title mentions Bing Crosby but I don't think the first speaker is Bing at all. Is it from a movie? a song? help!
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This unfavorable mention from a Crosby fan club confirms its Crosby. The original is "Mister Crosby and Mister Mercer"
posted by vacapinta at 8:16 AM on September 21, 2012

The other person is Johnny Mercer. They performed this together a lot.

This isn't the same performance the sample is taken from but it's the same song and performers.
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Oh yes, vacapinta reminds me. The song is called "Mr Gallagher and Mr Shean," and yes, Crosby and Mercer performed it with the title "Mr Crosby and Mr Mercer."
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Is this version of "Mr. Crosby and Mr. Mercer" closer? (Skip to the music.)
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Excellent answers everybody. I actually wanted to get hold of the vocal without the yucky electro nonsense over the top of it so I'm now in great shape. Thanks a lot.
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