Cousin of tinnitus?
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Sometime when I get tired, I start to hear things as if from under water and my own voice sounds particularly echo-y. This rather uncomfortable condition can last up to an hour or longer. Is there a proper medical term for this condition or is this just a version of tinnitus? And why?
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If you can hear your own voice more loudly than normal when this happens, that means that there's some sort of blockage in your ear canal (earwax perhaps)? This happens to me sometimes when I yawn (perhaps this is what's happening to you?), but I haven't yet pinned down a cause.
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Does it seem related to the (on paper) similar sounding effects of a head-rush, or feeling faint (or about to faint)?

If so, then that might be something to look into, especially if you have quite low blood pressure.
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I get this too. It's like the lowest frequencies of my voice are vibrating my head. There is no particular moment of onset and I don't think it's related to yawning or earwax but, as for of strange foe, general tiredness.
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Response by poster: No, I don't feel faint, and my blood pressure is in (the lower end of) the normal range. I mostly just want to be able to put a name to this condition...
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