How can I track the space shuttle online today?
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Would it be possible to track the flight of the Space Shuttle over the Bay Area today using flightradar24 (or something similar)?
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Looks like this site can filter by tail number. The two Shuttle Carrier Aircraft are N911NA and N905NA - not sure which one they're using for this particular flight.
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It looks like N905NA is being used for the Endeavour flight, but apparently tracking is not available. It's listed on FlightAware as NASA905. The latest track is from a few days ago, presumably when the plane flew from CA to FL to pick up the shuttle.
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Cool thanks guys, it's supposed to take off around 8:15 or so, so hopefully one of these trackers kicks in at that point.
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I think the tracks will not be available on FlightAware; I think the planes are blocked for privacy reasons.

The SF Chron has a detailed article with map on the flyover. It's in an hour, better hurry! Oakland airport should be amazing, and the SF waterfront flyby looks encouraging.
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I found the Ames Research Center twitter feed: which will be live-tweeting.
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IT WAS AWESOME! Did you see it?
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OMG. even Tony Bennett tweeted his awesome picture of the shuttle on twitter!
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pic from the Cali capital area
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This is my favorite from the Nasa Ames twitter feed:
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