laptop screen scorch mark?
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My wife has hp pavillion laptop for one year, under warranty. It suddenly has a black blotch about 2-3" , lightbulb shaped, on bottom of screen. looks like it was burned onto the display screen. any ideas?
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If it's solid black with a crisp edge, it's a rupture in the liquid crystal display, usually caused by blunt trauma or a fall. It can't be repaired, only replaced, and the warranty may not cover it since it usually occurs as a result of abuse or mishaps.

Here's a picture of a severely broken LCD. Note the url.

Tough break! Good luck getting a new screen out of HP.
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Sounds like someone pressed on the display too hard. You'll have to replace the screen. If the model is fairly new
still you may find a replacement screen otherwise a screen
willl have to be scavanged from another machine. I had
this done last year (it was a Pavillion also) I lucked out
and the repair shop had a Pavillion they were parting out
that still had it's screen. It cost around $200 total.
Good luck.
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Be warned: it's often cheaper to replace the laptop than replace the screen. The last 15" WXGA screen I replaced was $450. The good news is you are unlikely to need to hire someone to replace it and if you do it only takes 15 minutes.
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