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I want to discuss the (urban) fantasy genre in an active online community. NaNo is okay, but I'm looking for something a little more geared toward examining the tropes, the mechanics of creating a magic system, etc. AbsoluteWrite is cool, but its pace is a little slow for what I want. Am I best off combing through LiveJournal, or is something else out there?

Things like Limyaael's rants make me ridiculously happy. I'm playing around with my ideas for NaNo, and want to connect to readers and writers of fantasy to get myself ~jazzed~.
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If rec.arts.sf.composition has any people left, you could try there.
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TV tropes, Goodreads. On goodreads the discussion will usually be through the lens of a particular book you're reviewing, but the community is active, vibrant, and opinionated.
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