Yahoo Mail Be Damned!
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Yahoo Mail to GMail. How?

How do I do it without paying a fee. I have tried this link and it doesn't seem to work
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What do you want switched? Do you want all your old emails in your new inbox? Do you want to set up mail forwarding? All you need to switch is to sign up for a gmail account and start using it. You can send out an email blast to all your Yahoo contacts about the change and then either set up an autoreply that includes your gmail address and asks people to email you there or just go in and check every so often and email people who emailed the wrong address.
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Best answer: Change addresses on all the automatic emails (like from bills, newsletters) yourself. For everything else, set up a vacation auto-reply to let people know you will not receive their email and they should email you at your new address.

You could keep the account open and just check once every couple of months to make sure nothing slipped through. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you have to pay.
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Response by poster: Brainmouse....I would like both done. I will do the email blast
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Best answer: There's no way I would ever want to do this because the yahoo account I have is my spamcatcher, but I just went through 90% of the process and it seemed ready to work. Here's what I did:

- Log into Gmail.
- Click the Gear (settings) drop-down in the upper right-hand corner and select 'Settings'
- Along the top click the blue link for "Accounts and Importing"
- The second section down is Import mail and contacts, click that link.
- Use the boxes in the pop-up window to log into your Yahoo account.
- Select the appropriate check-boxes and click 'Start Import'.

After typing all that I clicked the 'learn more' link on the page above under 'import mail and contacts' and it has basically the same explanation. So if you want you can have Google explain.
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I tried this awhile ago. It is impossible to forward Yahoo mail without a fee. It irked me to no end to find that one out.
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