Roleplaying websites?
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Decent MUDs/MUSHs?MUCKs/Freeform text roleplaying sites/places?

So I'm looking to compile a list of textual roleplay sites for a couple of reasons; but knowing what's good and what's not is a bit tricky, and the whole thing's rather obscure nowadays.

Any kind of site (long term plots/freeform/adult/whatever) works as long as it's not completely a forum thing; at least some real time interaction would be nice.
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Materia Magica is one thats been around forever (forever meaning at least 1999 when I started playing and back then it used to be called Moongate).

I've had a character on there for at least 12(!) years, although I haven't played much at all in the past couple of years. So it's nice to know they don't delete your character.
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Are you familiar with TheMudConnect and TopMudSites? They are the two most popular lists of textual roleplay sites. Unless you're looking specifically for Metafilter's suggested MU*s, perusing those two sites will likely save you significant time and effort.
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I always liked Achaea and it was still pretty active last time I played.
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Elendor is still active and pretty awesome.
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If you like Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, the Discworld MUD is pretty good.
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Any MUME players around? I used to play that one and it was my sole foray into MUDs and it the environment is GREAT. The creators really keep it classy although user count is down recently although I fully expect it to bounce back around the release of the Hobbit movies.
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Check out Elliquiy. It's an adult-oriented forum with a lot of sexual roleplay involved, but there are quite a few people there who are just as interested in non-sex-related storytelling. Most of it is forum-related, but individuals often are willing to use email or IM.
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I'll be watching this with great interest, as I haven't found one that I loved as much as Dune II back in the day.
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This is pretty much the complete list of MUSHes now:

About as up to date list as you'll find.
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