Debate parties please!
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Where can I find a place to watch the presidential/vice-presidential debates?

I am looking for a place to watch the debates in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I would like it if it were a special party/event around the debates, rather than just going to some place where they happen to be on the TV. I've done some googling but haven't had much luck. Thank you!
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Many universities have viewing parties in places like the student unions. If they don't list them on their calendars, you could check with groups such as the College Democrats/College Republicans or the respective party offices. Most party offices have listings of events, too.
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Last time around the DFL hosted a viewing party at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis for one of the debates. All the seats were full by the time we showed up, so we bought delicious popcorn to go and watched the debates at home. You might want to check out the various political parties and see if they're hosting anything - and then arrive early!
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Go online to (I assume there is a similar Republican venue). Put in your location and click on "find events in my area".
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THANK YOU! I had actually looked at the Obama website events listings a few weeks ago and didn't find anything, but now there are lots of events listed. The U of M is listed but the Riverview isn't. I've sent an email to the Riverview asking if they're doing it again this year and am waiting to hear back.

I also found a party that's happening at Hell's Kitchen, hosted by the Minn Post ($40 cover) and one at Graves 601 Hotel, which is also a fundraiser ($100 donation) for Jim Graves (Democrat running against Michele Bachmann) and hosted by Barney Frank.

Now I guess it's just up to me to decide which one to go to. Until I hear back from the Riverview, I'm torn between the one in St. Paul hosted by Governor Dayton and the one at the U hosted by Al Franken. I'd like to go to Al's, but I don't want to feel like the old person in a sea of students. If anyone has been to one of these before and can tell me about the demographics, I would love to hear it!

But again, thank you so much! I can't wait until next week!
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The Riverview got back to me - nothing planned at this time.
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