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iPhone 4S: For some reason, Siri will no longer make calls for me.

If I try to get Siri to make a phone call, she will say "I'm not permitted to do that for you."

This happens if I ask Siri to call a person by name ("Call Joe") or I actually say the number that needs to be dialed. I can use Siri to send texts and e-mails with no problem.

I hadn't touched any of the settings on my phone for a while. This started a few days ago, so I don't know if I installed something that is now conflicting with it. I don't want to perform a restore because it will automatically update me to iO6 and I don't want to do that yet.

I've tried googling but the majority of problems people seem to have involve people from other countries having problems with international phone codes and the like.
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Best answer: Check your settings. Switch Facetime to ON if it is off right now. I understand that fixes the problem for some folks.
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Response by poster: that did it! yay!
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