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Is there any positive body acceptance / Health at any Size type stuff out there geared towards a male (or even just clearly mixed- or non-gendered) audience?

It's awesome how much of this stuff now exists! But almost all of it that I've seen tends to be not just female-oriented but also pretty gendered. I mean, I totally see why people are responding back to heavily gendered negativity in gendered terms. But I'd love to check out some stuff that I can identify more personally with (as a male). For example, I think those blogs with (mostly) women posting their naked fat/skinny/handicapped/whatever bodies are sooooo righteous, but I never see anyone who looks like me.

I'm definitely not necessarily needing a site that's like WE ARE METALWORKING LUMBERJACKS WHO PULL OUT CHAIRS FOR LADIES AND LOVE OUR MANLY MANLY BODIES. I'm not into gender normativity much at all; I guess I just want to see and read about people whose bodies look like mine talking about loving themselves and resisting body policing and saying fuck off to anyone who tries to tell them their body sucks.
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Red No. 3 is a HAES blog written by a man, though he doesn't update all that often and he sometimes has problematic (to me) politics. It might be a starting place, at least.
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The NFB documentary Fat Chance is great.
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Fatshionista as a community tries very explicitely to be non-gendered. Although the majority of the "Outfit of the Day" posts come from the femme end of the spectrum, there are also posts from transmen and butch women (although cis men are rather unrepresented). This question about fat-positive media for men is a year old, but there are some great resources there.
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Forgot to link to Fatshionista directly! Anyway, if you asked this same question over there, you might get an updated list of HAES blogs for men.
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Body Positive Yoga is run by a woman and does focus somewhat on women's fat acceptance, but she also writes a lot of exercise for those who are disabled, injured and the like. She's also very, very receptive to questions from readers, which is why I recommend the blog.
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