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What did I do to my iPhone 4 that caused it to not be able to "save images" from Twitter and Facebook anymore? All the gory details inside...

Hello All!

I downloaded the new IOS 6.0 operating system to my iPhone 4 last night, and when I went into my Twitter and Facebook apps it asked me if I wanted to "give access" (or some such nonsense) to my photos with each of these websites. In both cases I chose not to, as I wasn't sure why they needed access to my photos nor what they might do with them.

I discovered a short time later when I tried using both sites that I could no longer save images from them to my photo album. With Twitter when I tried to save an image I got the message: "Error Data Unavailable" and with Facebook it seemed to let me save the image but when I checked my photo album the image wasn't there.

I tried logging out of both sites and even tried uninstalling both sites and reinstalling them and nothing worked.

Did I cause this by not allowing these sites access to my photos? How do I fix this?

I am unable to get to my local Apple store with their "Genius Bar" for at least another week and while I did find an article online that suggested doing a "hard reset", if there is a simpler solution I would welcome it. Any ideas all you Apple experts? Thanks!
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Settings app. Privacy > Photos. Switch to ON.

Apps have to ask to access your data now.
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Go into Settings on your phone and tap Privacy, then Photos. You will see a list of applications that have requested access to your photos and whether you allowed them or not. If they are marked "no", flip the switch to "yes."

C|Net has a video with a walkthrough in case you're a visual learner.
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Success! And in less than twenty minutes! Thanks to the both of you!!! :)
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