Syncing calendars - .ics conversion or another way?
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How do I convert ics files? Since my work computer was upgraded to Office 2010 64-bit, I've been unable to sync my Outlook schedule with my Samsung phone (which uses Samsung New PC Studio). It will still sync with my Google calendar though. Both Outlook and Google only seem to export .ics files. NPS seems to import .nsf, .dif, .mdb and .vcs. I found a free .ics to .vcs converter online but it seems to convert a single appointment from what I've verified is a complete export of my calendar. How can I convert the files or otherwise get the phone calendar synced?
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Just realised I can export straight to mdb from Outlook - but NPS can't read the file - says it's 'not NPS DB format'.
posted by monkey closet at 2:32 AM on September 20, 2012

Is this an android phone? Are you connected to Exchange via Activesync? If so, you would sync wirelessly not via locally installed software.
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No, not Android. It's Samsung's own system, bada.
posted by monkey closet at 2:49 AM on September 21, 2012

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