Webcast? Webseries? Webisode?
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I hate TV. I don't own one, either. I need more webseries in my life, like The Slope or It Gets Betterish.


LGBT themes
A current series (i.e. last post wasn't 7 months ago)
Lots of episodes (I really have nothing to do)
Set in Brooklyn or Chicago (I like seeing places I know!)
Free online (I hope that's a given though)
Preferably comedy, either scripted or improv

But I'll take anything cool. Thanks!

PS If you can't think of any webisodes, I'll also consider storylike podcasts, like The Truth.
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sounds like you really like tv, actually. since basically you're asking for tv series that get released online.

But anyhoo, you might like Casual. Not LGBT, but otherwise... yep.
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Not comedy or set in NY or Chicago, but Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden fits the other criteria. The sixth and final season is starting in October.
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Brent Spiner has a pretty fun web series called Fresh Hell where he basically plays a version of himself, an actor in Hollywood, it's quite good.

Watch it quick though, there are rumours of it being picked up by a small cable network and then you wouldn't like it.
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Awkward Black Girl! I first learned about it from MeFi, but recently saw it covered in the NYTimes.
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The Guild. Funny series about the real-life hijinks that ensue when a group of people who play an online video game resembling World of Warcraft meet up. I've never played WoW but still found the series quite entertaining.

It's written, directed, and acted in by Felicia Day (starred alongside Neil Patrick Harris in Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog), who's amazingly talented, and features Wil Wheaton (from Star Trek TNG) in later seasons. Yes, it's a bit nerdy... If those names mean anything to you, you'll definitely love the show. If you don't know who they are, may God have mercy on your soul.
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I enjoy Web Therapy. Bite sized episodes, good guest stars, pretty funny, four seasons so far.
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Wainy Days is "an ongoing web series chronicling David Wain's (lightly fictionalized) attempts to meet women in New York City," You may know David Wain's comedy writing / directing work from Wet Hot American Summer, The Ten, and Wanderlust, and the series Stella with Michael Ian Black and Mchael Showalter. The Wainy Days episodes are super short, but feature a ton of excellent comedians. Season 5 is on the main page here if you scroll down a bit, and here are seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4.
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The Outs fulfills pretty much all your criteria.
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I love Ken Marino's web series Burning Love. It's a 14-episode spoof of the television show The Bachelor, and it's one of the funniest things I've ever watched online. There's a light LGBTQ subplot, so that might be fun for you, too.

I'd also recommend checking out the website Web Series Channel as a good place to start for finding other web shows. It's basically a clearinghouse for tons of series, and there's something for everyone there.
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Burning Love was so awesome. I want more episodes!!

I haven't watched the rest yet, but I will definitely get to them! Thanks all!
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sounds like you really like tv, actually. since basically you're asking for tv series that get released online.

um, no. There's a big difference between what gets released online and what they decide to show on TV. If this confuses you, watch Burning Love versus The Bachelor.
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lhude sing cuccu, i wouldn't know the difference between Burning Love and The Bachelor, because despite being a tv watcher, i have never watched the bachelor. There's lots of good tv on tv. I mean, is The Wire or Mad Men or Dexter or Game of Thrones or Girls or Friday Night Lights the same level of quality as the Bachelor, just because they both are distributed on tv? TV is just a distribution channel, much as the web is, and the quality of content is variable in both channels.

But i appreciate the condescension ("if this confuses you" -lhude sing cuccu, 5:16pm), since it really reinforces my preconceptions of non tv-owners, and i really enjoy it when stereotypes are confirmed! :)
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Dammit, now I feel bad.

OK, kololo, I didn't mean for this post to take this dimension. I was offended that you told me I like tv when clearly I don't and I lashed out. I didn't mean to be condescending.
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