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Seeking recommendations for a "look what I've done" type Wordpress blog theme in the area of software development. Help me filter the Niagara of wordpress themes !

I've got a blog on which I write about software techniques and knowledge. The purpose of the blog is to demonstrate to future employers that I know something about what I'm doing and also to provide helpful hints to others.

I'd like a new theme which accommodates two, seemingly contradictory, desires !

I'd like to display source code in the best manner possible in particular using as much screen width as is available.

I'd like it work well on smartphone screen sizes (as in responsive web design - don't care if it looks different on my wristwatch as long as it's readable)

More generally

* Must look reasonably utilitarian and professional - not glossy !
* Reasonably complete - don't want to hack around the css/html myself (or at least not very much).
* search engine friendly
* Don't mind paying (but don't mind not paying either)
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Independent of themes and CMSes, SyntaxHighlighter is what I always use for displaying source code. It's a few javascript files you would add to whatever you're using.
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You're looking for a 'responsive' theme if you want something that works well on a variety of devices.

The one I've had a lot of success with is this one, simply called 'Responsive'. It's very feature-rich but visually simple, which makes it ideal for customising.

Pretty much any Wordpress theme is 'search engine friendly' these days. That's more a function of Wordpress than the theme.
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Prism.js is another syntax highlighter that might work.
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