Meatpacking district advice
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Taking a last minute weekend trip to NYC. Friend booked at Dream Downtown (355 West 16th Street,). Looking for a nice restaurant and drink spot near by.

We will probably shop and see a couple museums and then head back to the hotel to chill and freshen up. I'm hoping to not have to venture too far for dinner after that. I don't want a super cool trendy restaurant to meet people/be seen. Just a couple normal-ish women that want to go somewhere interesting, have a good meal and get a drink or 2.

I don't know the area at all so I'm glad to hear about anything interesting close by.

We will be there Sunday and Monday. Advice on any interesting events also welcome!
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You're right down the street from Café Riazor, so if you like tapas, you're set. The Grey Dog also manages to do "pub food but a bit upscale" very well.
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I live a block away from there. Cafeteria is pretty good and close by, and Co Ba is a great Vietnamese place. The Corner Bistro is also close by if you want a burger and beer. The Standard Hotel has a fun beergarden and it's right by the High Line. If you go towards 23rd street, there's Tia Pol and also Half King. I like Art Bar near Jane street.
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I have only been once, but I thought Scarpetta was a lovely, if somewhat pricey, dinner. Also, if you've got the time and inclination for window shopping/food porn, try a walk through Chelsea Market.
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Google maps tells me you're not far from the Tipsy Parson, which we enjoyed on a Sunday afternoon recently, and which stocks Lion's Pride specialty whiskeys.
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I like Cookshop at 20th and 10th.

La Luncheonette, on 18th and 10th, is one of my favorite restaurants, hands down, for anything, anywhere, ever. Classic French cuisine in a friendly casual setting.

In Chelsea Market I like The Green Table, but there aren't many seats.

Seconding recommendations of Tipsy Parson, Tia Pol, and Half King. Half King is far more casual than anywhere else mentioned here -- it's basically a pub. There's a pretty serious happy hour and weekend night crowd, by the way. Can be fun if you guys are looking for a "party like a local in NYC" vibe, but not really a place for a quiet dinner on a weekend night.

Pastis isn't far. It's a bit overplayed and sort of overpriced, but lots of fun for a Girls Weekend. My mom and I happened to walk by randomly looking for an earlyish dinner, and it was cool to get to take her somewhere that is somewhat still full of Beautiful People doing the Meatpacking District thing. It's also French, but more of a steak frites bistro kind of place and less sweetbreads and cassoulet.

I like the bar/restaurant on the ground floor of the Maritime hotel at 17th and 9th Ave. I think it's called Bottega? This is another good drinks spot that tends to get a little crowded (and maybe douchey?) weekend nights. They serve food as well, but I've mostly been there for drinking and ordered snacks while too tipsy to remember exactly what the menu was like and how good it really was. This place is close to the Meat Packing District club scene, if that's your thing.
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Forgot to second Art Bar, which I believe was the setting for my first ever (pre-21) drink in New York City. Heh. I don't think they serve food.
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Coppelia is a terrific new Mexican place on 14th Street.
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Chelsea Market is great.

Try Westville if you are in the mood for vegetables (you can make a meal from their 25+ delicious sides).

Cafeteria is fun if a little too trendy.

Beecher's Cheese by Union Square has an underground bar with great happy hour specials. And, of course, cheese.
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Dream rocks. Serafina is great for breakfast. its on the ground floor in your hotel. Dream has a great rooftop bar with good views if you want a drink.
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Tipsy Parson is great. Colicchio and Sons is great. A lot of other restaurants in that part of the hood are dreadful.
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Recette, if you can get a rez.
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Barbuto at 12th and washington is just excellent. Rustic-ish Italian. Recommended - the JW Chicken, the potato contorini (smashed and roasted/fried or something with huge chunks of rosemary.) If they have gnocchi when you go, or the chocolate budino, get those.
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