Hanging art without wall attachments
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We're opening a small art gallery, and need a solution for hanging wall art on plaster walls, without putting holes in said walls.

It's a rather common situation, as I see this all the time: a couple cables or wires hanging from a rail mounted near the ceiling suspending the art. We now have the rails (salvaged aluminum stock with deep notch in the top to hang things from), but I'm wondering what the rest of this setup entails. Wires, cables, or even monofilament? How do we attach to the rail, and the art?

Is this something that exists solely for this purpose that I can buy, or does anyone have similar DIY approach?
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Trade show walls / art exhibition booths? Or if you're in the UK there's this.
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Best answer: This site shows many alternatives. Another route to choice: listings under Exhibit Hardware category within the American Association Alliance of Museums Marketplace.
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You can attach the wire to the picture rail with picture rail hooks, which just, well, hook over the rail (if that is the look you want).
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We use wires just like this and a very similar hook at the museum where I work : http://www.systematicart.com/AJR223-sku/52/J-Hook-Cable---(Stainless-Steel).html
(Sorry I'm on my phone)

The back of the art needs a wire or something else to hook onto. The hanging hook is very easy to adjust and allows for a fine adjustment. I just finished hanging an exhibit with about 25 pieces and found it to be a lot easier than putting nails in the wall :) I am planning to buy some clear acrylic cables because the industrial stainless steel look isn't always what I'm looking for (but we're a natural history museum so ymmv)
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The term you want is "picture rail" - that should yield lots of results for products.
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