I am a scientist, I seek to understand CVs.
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Does anyone know a good science/engineering resume editing service? Having trouble figuring out what to leave/chop.

I found a posting for my dream job! But, I know that competition will be stiff. I realized during resume editing that... er, my resume might need some work.

The job is an applied research position (engineering-ish) in a non academic environment. I'm at a bit of a loss of what to include (obviously technical experience, but what if it's non-related? Older jobs that imparted soft skills? Academic awards? Interests/volunteer?) and how long it should be (I'm at three pages, which seems big considering I'm a pretty new grad). So, I think I need some professional help tackling this.

However, I don't know where to look online for professional editing services that specialize in science/engineering research (I've heard positive things about The Professor Is In, but she focuses on social science grads; other sites tend to have the academia angle covered well, but I'm coming up with nothing for this).

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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Best answer: A guy on the SA Forums has tons of positive feedback and did great work with my girlfriend's resume - she works at Pixar now (though the shiny new resume was a small part of that happening). Still, he comes highly recommended by people who have landed careers in all kinds of industries (entertainment, IT, science) and his price was very reasonable.

He offers a $15 discount if you're a Something Awful forums member.

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Best answer: Sometimes universities and colleges will offer career center services to their alumnis (alumnus?) I'd start there...
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Response by poster: Right! I'm not sure why I forgot about my university career services. Duh. I'll start there, since it's free.

Thanks for the website plasticbugs; I'll definitely check that out if I don't have luck with the university.
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