NYC Piano/Synthesizer Lessons?
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Hi, I'm a (somewhat) experienced piano/synthesizer player interested in taking lessons in New York City. I took about 4 years of classical training in piano, violin, and voice when I was in high school, but I'm looking to grow my skillset as a musician. I'm looking for a piano teacher in Manhattan or Brooklyn who would be comfortable with teaching synth lessons. Can anyone recommend a good piano (or synth) teacher in NYC?
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For a keyboard teacher you might want to go to your nearest local musical instrument store and look at the cards on the note board, or ask... or do a search on social media for a teacher.

From my experience, most synthesizer players are self-taught. Various models of synthesizers have different rather individual quirks and layouts which can vary significantly. You kinda have to fiddle and experiment with the model that you own in order to develop a style.
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Awesome, thanks for the suggestion ovvl!
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