Should I just get backpack straps for it?
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How do I carry this massive smartphone around?

I have just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy SII, and it's huge. It's easily twice as large as my previous, non-touchscreen phone. I carried my old phone in a small pouch on my belt, like a beeper, and it was unobtrusive, safe and handy. Though I know they exist for this phone, I can't seem myself doing the same with this beast.

I generally keep tools in my pockets, and wouldn't want to keep this in with them. What are my options? How do I carry something like this around? I kept it in my back pocket walking back from the store, but that isn't a long term solution - I would like to sit down on occasion.
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Most people put it in their back pocket and take it out when they sit down. Alternatively, you could get a man-bag and put the phone and all the other stuff in your pockets in the bag.
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Get a case for it to protect it from the other tools in your pockets (or find another place for your tools). Alternately, get a case like this that slips onto the shoulder strap of your messenger bag or backpack.
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Messenger bag of some sort. I love the Muzetto, but it's not cheap.
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I have the same phone. I'm a woman, but I don't like to carry a purse all the time. I keep it in my back pocket, and take it out when I sit down (I usually set it on a table, in my car's cupholder or in the center console, or keep it in my lap, or fiddle with it incessantly). It is a really slim phone, so keeping in the back pocket works fine. The only real issue I have found it is forgetting it in the lavatory. It has fallen out of my pocket and hit the floor of more lavatories than I care to remember. But it still works fine. It is actually a pretty tough little device.

If you're a tool-carrying fellow, maybe cargo pants would help. My husband dedicates a pocket to his phone.

For running I have a case that straps to my arm. It looks kind of ridiculous, but I'm just running, so I live with it.
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Also, I don't have a case for it. Some people flip out about that, but it has been completely fine.
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Smart phones aren't really phones, they are PDAs that have the ability to receive phone calls. And it sounds like the Galaxy SII may be even more of a mini-tablet that calls people.

My male SO has carried a handbag for years, as his father does as well. You probably wouldn't need one as large as his (he carries a netbook, an ereader, an ipod and a smartphone - generalization really isn't his thing) -- just one big enough for the phone -- you could sling it across your chest.

alternatively - is it light enough for a lanyard? that's good if you're worried about it swinging into things. I used to go cycling cross-country with a camera on a neckstrap.

("man-bag" is a horrible word - maybe we should just call them pocketbooks, like we used to)
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If you are looking for a case, I know someone who is a firefighter who swears by his Otterbox - and they have cases for the Galaxy SII. In an Otterbox, you might be able to carry it in your pocket even with tools.
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Could keep it in something like this and just throw it in your pocket with the "tools". There are several similar cases out there.
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Another possible solution: a sport coat/jacket or similar would give you more and larger pockets that wouldn't be sat on. Not a perfect solution for everyone, it depends on what one's comfortable with both in climate and in social and work settings.
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I have an SGS2 and I keep it in a front pocket in most pants, or in a back pocket if I have other stuff there. But back pocket means taking it out to sit down, or sitting down pretty carefully.

I'd rethink the tools you have in your pocket (can they be moved onto your belt?) and give the phone priority.

The SGS2 is also thin enough you can carry it in a shirt pocket, but I wouldn't do this unless the pocket buttons, since it will fall out when you bend over otherwise.
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I keep my iPhone in my pocket, and use a case similar to this one -- so it's basically replaced my wallet. That way I only have my keys and my phone+wallet in my pocket.

I usually wear cargo pants/shorts, and it goes in a leg pocket when I'm sitting and my back pocket or front right pocket when I'm not.
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Even though I carry a messenger bag wherever I go, I use a case like this for my S3 - it has 3 slots for cards and a pocket for cash (though I bought it because I like cases that cover the screen). It fits in my pants pocket and could replace a wallet, if necessary.
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I've had my SII for well over a year, and I absent-mindedly sit on it constantly. It has not broken, even a little, from the butt-based abuse. The dropping-it-out-of-my-shirt-pocket-when-I-lean-over thing, on the other hand, has the corners pretty ratty (though the screen is still pristine, so who cares). It's a tough phone (n.b. I got mine in the UK, so ymmv if you're elsewhere).
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I don't think I can pull off a man-bag.

jeoc: I share your thoughts on cases. I think they're often unnecessary if you're mindful of your phone. I'm hoping that consolidating several things in pockets together like this will help on space. Cargo pants are a great option when I'm wearing them, but aren't always an option.

gimonca: As it gets cooler coats will be a great option. I think the chest pocket in many coats would be perfect for this phone.

I think a wallet-style case like eunoia linked to is the best answer for me. I've lusted over the BookBook for iPhones, but didn't think something like that existed for this phone. If anyone is interested, I'll be getting one from Fortte (who made the previous case I wore on my belt).

Thanks for all the replies, and it's good to know it's a tough phone.
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