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What sleeve or skin is good to get for an iPad (3rd gen) in conjunction with Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover?

I'm thinking of getting the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover so I can type easier with the iPad. However, I read that this is not an adequate case, especially for the back of the iPad. What would you recommend to use? I saw that some people get a folio or sleeve to slip the iPad + cover into. Does a skin provide protection as well, or is it more for decoration?

FYI I currently have a BearMotion leather case which covers the iPad front and back spiffily.
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So I just watched the video on amazon, and it appears the keyboard clips on exactly like the smart cover (that is, magnetic hinge, and no back protection at all.)

As such, I can report that this clear plastic back cover works perfectly with the new iPad and Apple's Smart Cover, so it should work equally well with the Logitech.

Plus, it's a whopping $2.60 with free shipping, so even if it somehow doesn't (though I really can't see how it wouldn't), you're not out much.
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