What intriguing bag is this?
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Looking for the creator of an intriguing tote bag (possible long shot here)

Yesterday on the NYC subway I saw a woman with a tote bag that had some words in speech bubbles on it. One speech bubble said something like, "I've had a lot of anxiety lately, lots of sleepless nights." The other speech bubble was something like, "I've also felt in a rut creatively..." and some other things. The main thing I remember is the anxiety and the creativity.

I couldn't see any other drawings or characters on the bag. The tote bag was blue canvas and the bubbles were beige-ish in color.

At the bottom of the bag there was a name like Dan Shipley or Ben Shinley or something like that -- tried Googling all those and no luck.

She walked off the train before I could see more of the bag, or ask her, which I was reluctant to do because she was enormously pregnant and had a bunch of stuff with her.

Does anyone know what this might be?
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You're probably looking for David Shrigley. As for the tote bag, I have no idea. He's put his drawings out in many forms.
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AMAZING. Googled David Shrigley and here is the text I saw, as a billboard on the High Line, not a bag, but still.

You are my hero!
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David Shrigley tote bags. (Not vouching for the site; found on Google.)
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