Can my ex tell I saw his tumblr?
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Can another tumblr user tell that I viewed his tumblr site?

I was signed into tumblr and looked at my ex's site. Will he know I saw it? More generally, with how much detail can a tumblr user tell who has seen his site?
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I know that you can track IP visits to Tumblr - if the ex somehow knows your IP address and was minded to work it out they could find out that way. I don't have an account myself so I'm not sure if there's more obvious methods than this.
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Everything I see shows how you can track more generalized stats (average time spent on site, how many first-time visitors, if they click on links, etc.), mostly with Google Analytics, but I can't come up with anything that shows you specific usernames.
Mippy is right, but as they mention, it'd take some work to figure it out - he'd have to be actively looking at these things. It's not just like your tumblr icon shows up somewhere or anything like that though.
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2nding jorlyfish re: google analytics-- especially if you were viewing from a unique server (say, a university or large business). GA will also allow you to see what cities you're getting hits from. But, again, it will not show user names.
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If he has StatCounter or something similar, he will be able to see IP addresses, city, browser details, key words, length of visit, etc.
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If your ex uses something like Google Analytics or StatCounter, then he will be able to see things like your specific IP address, your location usually accurate to the city/town, how many times you viewed his Tumblr, how many different pages of his Tumblr you clicked through, your browser and operating system, etc.

So it depends. If you are both students on a college campus along with a large group of friends who also visit his Tumblr, then his statistics will just show that lots of people from that college visited his blog on a given day and your visit will be camouflaged. On the other hand, if you live thirty miles away from your ex and he doesn't know anybody else in your town, then when he sees that his Tumblr got a visit from your location, it won't be difficult to deduce that it was you.
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