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How to choose a digital (video) camera? Not against photo and video capability as long as the video rocks.

My uncle's 75th birthday is coming up and he wants to choose and buy a video camera. Our plan is to gift cash but also create a guide to the best cameras out there to inform his choice, since buying one for him would deprive him of the fun of picking one. We know nothing about digital cameras. Can you help? What information do we need to gather for him, and what sources are trustworthy?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Digital camera buying guide from Consumer Reports.
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FYI, there's several 3D consumer digital cameras that play on 3D TV's and Youtube supports 3D.
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Oh, wait, do you mean a camcorder?
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This is a difficult question. Your 75-year-old uncle wants a video camera.... for what purpose? Is he going on an exotic vacation? Is it for skype? for capturing memories? to help him with his golf swing? Is he computer savvy? Does he want to upload videos to youtube? attach it to his motorcycle helmet?

If you can add more detail, the hive-mind can give you a great answer.
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Sorry, to clarify, he does want a camcorder, and my understanding is that his primary goal is to capture memories and maybe scenic walks. Thanks so much, mlis, for your extremely helpful help so far!
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you're welcome prefpara! If you need anything else just reply in that email thread.
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