Very comfortable elastic-waste, drawstring "yoga" pants
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I'm looking for very comfortable elastic-waist, drawstring men's "yoga"-style pants for hanging around the house and for practicing yoga. Must have pockets. Most dedicated "yoga" pants seem to cost $75 or more. I'm hoping for cheaper!
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every pair of pajama pants I have ever owned have all of these features.
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Scrubs may work as well. They're comfy as hell and most have pockets (including some with side-of-knee pockets if you want those).
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re: pajamas: I wouldn't wear them to yoga class.

re: scrubs: they're are a bit light. I'd like something I could wear even during shoulder seasons.
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Yeah you can often find these called things like "lounge pants" or "sleep pants" and many of them do actually have pockets and elastic and a drawstring. I've seen pairs made by Reebok and Hanes or things like these.
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Re: that last link, can't beat the price, but I'm skeptical of any pants that don't list an inseam. I don't want to have to alter them....nor do I want them to end halfway up my calf, ala knickers!

Hanes seems to have a poorly programed page....choosing a different length doesn't change the stated inseam size of 31". And that's pretty darned short for any guy over, like, 5'10"
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I too was irritated by the lack of decent and inexpensive men's yoga pants.

I got some Russell brand sweatpants and cut them just below the knee.

They have pockets. I love them.
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Target seems to have some that would work. A few on this page have pockets, elastic waist, drawstring, non-elastic legs and seem like a good weight for yoga. Prices are reasonable too.
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What is your inseam?

All the yoga-practicing men I know wear Prana yoga pants, including a 6'4" friend. The reviews complain about the inseams being too long. Sounds like they might be a good choice for you if you have a longer inseam.
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Try dance pants, like Capezio.

If you can forgo pockets, they have them on Amazon for $26.00. One review says her boyfriend does use them for yoga.

Sometimes a dance store will have a sale rack, if you've got any in your area.
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I have long used Adidas track pants / warmups for approximately this purpose. Go to the Adidas website, click "Mens" / "Pants". They have a size chart that lists the inseams. I see now that they have rebranded their regular track pants as "classic" something-something, and raised the price to $50+ for god's sake, but you can find them on sale and/or at outlets pretty regularly.
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Martial arts pants might work. They're usually design for maximum freedom of movement. I've got a pair without pockets that I use for sleep pants and non-martial arts exercises (including yoga). A short check on Google turned up these, these, and these with pockets. I'm sure there are others.
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Scrubs do come in several weights, mostly depending on the manufacturer. The ones I have (Avida) are quite warm.
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How about these from the gap? Are those too loungey? My husband has several of these for hanging around the house and loves them.
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Maybe some Prana climbing pants?

I've always wanted a pair like these, but neither climb nor do yoga so I can't really justify the purchase.
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Chef pants. Seriously, those things are so comfortable I sleep in them sometimes. You can easily get them for $20-25. Mine have the two side pockets and one on the back.

Here's Chef Wear's clearance page. You can easily go from there.
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Prana yoga pants are available at a fairly steep discount at Sierra Trading Post. The inseam length is in general pretty long. I buy women's yoga pants because I am narrow-waisted with a big butt and they fit me better than men's pants (I'm a guy) but here are some men's pocketed yoga pants at well under your target price.

They also sell Gramicci climbers' pants. I buy half a dozen pair a year. These are insanely comfortable and yes, you can climb in them because they're made for freedom of movement.

The stock at Sierra tends to vary a lot. I am a happy customer with no pecuniary interest in the company.
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Try Target, Walmart, and Marshall's. Try Marshall's first, actually. The one near me had yoga pants for $14.99 when I was in the store today.
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Thai fishing pants. They'd be easy to modify too if you'd like an elasticated belt.
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I recommend men's pajama pants from Target. I have several pairs with pockets, and they are the most comfortable thing *ever*, and plenty long (I'm 5'10" and tend to wear my pants higher than is currently fashionable (I'm a woman, fwtw)).
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What is a feature of a yoga specific pant you are looking for? Tight? Comression? Good lookin?
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