How to get sides of big toes completely clean?
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Though I clean under them with the little hook part of my nail clipper, and though I've had pedicures which definitely help, I can't ever seem to get the side edges of my big toes completely sparkling clean. Lint accumulates, I clean it out, but the sides still always look a touch darker than the rest of the toenail. Maybe all the dirt that's been there over the years has stained them or something? Any tips on solving this?
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How often do you soak your feet?
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I had a pedicure once where the technician told me that I had little infections on both sides of the nail of the big toe making them darker. She told me I needed to put some rubbing alcohol on them over the course of a week and they should clear up. I was a wee bit skeptical since they didn't hurt, no one else had ever said anything, and the darkness wasn't always there. I never tried the remedy, but that might be what it is.
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Nail brush.

Orange stick.

Nail whitening pencil.

Or get a professional pedicure.
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After you get a snazzy pedicure where they clean your nails thoroughly, buy yourself some decolorized iodine and put a few drops under your nails a couple of times a day. It will destroy bacteria (slowly) but that may help. Also, the higher the cuticle underneath grows, the better it will be at keeping the dirt out so don't dig too deep.
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I cheat a little by using Total Whitening Gel Toothpaste and a nailbrush with warm water in the tub. Put the toothpaste on your finger, not the brush, and dab it where you need it. Avoid toothpaste on tender nether regions.
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Coloured nail polish.
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This stuff. It's the only thing that keeps my nails from looking grubby, no matter how much I scrape under them. Ignore the fact that it says it's for cuticles, it's a liquid (caustic potash, to be exact) that you can daub on with a q-tip.
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