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I need cheap tickets to Berlin from Durham, NC ASAP.

I'm looking for as cheap as I can get. If it means flying to Hamburg then taking a cheap European service to Berlin, that's fine. I need round trip, beginning of October. I'm only staying a week or slightly more than a week.
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Either use and search a whole bunch of options (maybe expand the "nearby airports" to 100 miles if that's an option or something?). That or call a travel agent and maybe pay a bit more for their expertise, and hopefully still less than $1500 direct round trip or whatever the expensive rate you're seeing right now is...
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Oh, and in particular, you could try Kayak Explore.
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Looks like you can get to Prague for $940, and then train from there to Berlin maybe?
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Our last trip we flew into Munich on IForgot and then took AirBerlin to Berlin and back for a couple-day trip. Saved hundreds per person over booking to Berlin through IForgot, and I imagine that last leg to Berlin would have been on an AirBerlin flight either way.
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Best answer: Google/ITA has their Matrix search site that can do complex searches like this. It can also play loose with dates and durations to help you find a decent fare.

I told it to roundtrip TXL to RDU for a week starting 10/1, and it found an itinerary for €653 (USD $856) using KLM and Delta (TXU->AMS->DTW->RDU)

Play around with it and good luck!
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Also consider flying into any European airport and taking a budget flight from there. I flew London - cologne that way last summer.
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Note that European budget airlines are not included in kayak, matrix, and other american aggregators. You might need to check ryanair, easyjet, etc. separately.
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I suppose I should have mentioned that IIRC the Munich-Berlin round trip was something like 100 Euro per person. Buying AirBerlin tickets in the US was a bit of a challenge that involved, I believe, calling the counter at their only US presence in Florida and giving the gate agent my credit card. That was 2009, so of course YMMV.
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