Help me get the body I want in 8 weeks
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MeFi fitness gurus, point me to the best 8 week fitness plan

Starting in November, I have access to a fairly good gym (mainly used by military personnel) and want to really whip myself in to shape.
I'm 36, 170cm tall, weigh 65kg and have a small waist, DD bust and large hips and saddle-bags.
I currently have a diet I am happy with (vegan, very little alcohol, I rarely eat sweet stuff), and will be running 5K or more five mornings a week, plus walking/hiking or mountain biking most weekends.
So I think diet and cardio are okay. What I am looking for is an 8 week gym routine where I can absolutely 'smash' myself into shape: trim the lower body flab, perhaps flatten the tummy a bit and add good upper-body definition. I would want to go really hard for that 8 weeks (spending hours in the gym if need be) then maintain it afterwards. I am not new to gym-going, but am finding it hard to find a good, intense routine on the internet that looks like it would work. Any suggestions most welcome.
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You could do worse than the US Navy SEAL workout routines. They don't need a gym, so you can modify it for going to the gym and then keep it up post-gym.
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Jamie Eason's Livefit is 12 weeks - and includes no cardio in the first few weeks - but otherwise, I think it would match what you are looking for in terms of body definition.
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I would definitely recommend hitting up folks and FAQ's over at Reddit Fitness and Reddit LoseIt for some great knowledge and suggestions.

Be warned though: Reddit, as a whole, is a massive time and energy waster; don't be wandering around! :)
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Dang it. Lose It Corrected Link.
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I'm going to recommend Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. If you do it, you should buy the book at some point, but you can get started with the wikia's description of the lifts and programming.

If you go on /r/fitness a good chunk of people will advise you to do either this or the very similar Stronglifts program.
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Also: Simple Fit if you prefer simple bodyweight exercises.
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This criticism of bootcamp-style fitness programs has become my go-to link. Note that I don't know anything about this guy except that in this one blog post he says reasonable things about safety during intense exercise programs. I'm posting it here because you specifically use the word "smash" and talk about really high intensity work.

In particular, if you go into Crossfit, pay attention to how you feel during their metabolic conditioning segments (metcons). The idea of a metcon is to do a circuit of high-volume, high-intensity exercises in order to condition the aerobic energy production pathways, which would be fine except they like to pick technical exercises (like, the snatch, I kid you not) and keep going past the point where fatigue has degraded their form to unsafe levels. It sounds like you're getting plenty of aerobic work already, so there's no need for you to risk injury this way.

By the way, just to expand on what Rodrigo Lamaitre said, since you mention that you're vegan and have a cup size (which I assume means female), you might want to consider protein and iron supplements. It's really easy for female vegans to be short on these two nutrients.
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Remember diet is 80% of the battle. You cannot workout your way out of a bad diet.

If your diet contains high amounts of grains and carbohydrates you will likely be frustrated in your attempts to lose those saddle bags.
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It's not clear if you want to lose weight or increase fitness. You can slim down without any exercise.

I'd have to agree with incandissonance: cut out the carbs and diet is most of the battle. Intermittent fasting would be tough for you given the carb based diet, but take a look.

As for the my experience a quick solution is a guaranteed injury. Find an experienced/qualified physical trainer, tell her/him what you want, and be patient.

Good luck.
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What type of running are you doing? Changing up your running routine can help to burn the saddlebags. Throw in some farklets and hill repeats a couple of time a week.

I've used this 6-week strength and cardio plan several times to strengthen my core with good results. But, like others have said, diet plays a large part.
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