Looking for a better way to alter a Tumblr theme
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What is a good way to edit a Tumblr theme when I have limited experience with "modern" HTML used in tumblr themes? I have a tumblr and I picked up a decent looking free theme, but it seems to be missing some elements.

I put together a silly little tumblr for my past This Is My Jam tracks, which I call Yeti Digs. I picked a theme called Phobic Man, which doesn't seem to show notes or a way to display followers. I don't have many of either, but I have more than none.

The built-in Tumblr code editor is a pain in the butt, as it features it's ow, limited search window, over-riding Chrome's search option. I'm thinking of copying the text to another text editor and working from there, but I was wondering if there was a better way.

As for the coding itself, on a super-quick search, I found this ad-laden page that does a nice job of laying out the basic features in a tumblr theme, linking back to tumblr's own custom themes page, which has more specific examples of coding themes. I'd love to see more examples of tumblr theme code with notes about how it fits together. Thanks!
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I haven't read it but the Envato book Theme Tumblr Like a Pro might be useful to you.
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