What do I do with over-dried salmon jerky?
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Good use for over-dried salmon jerky?

Goal: Make salmon jerky
Result: Left it in the dehydrator too long. I now have what used to be 3 lbs of salmon, fully dried. It's not enjoyable to eat on its own, as it is more like crunchy fish flakes.

Any good use for this?
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Furikake. Grind it into flakes and mix with chopped nori, sesame seeds, and spices. Sprinkle on top of steamed rice.
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Maybe try grinding it up and mixing it with other ingredients to make something like fish balls?
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Invent a new fish chowder for it
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Any longish moist cooking method will be your friend. Lots of cuisines have dried fish stew/chowder recipes. Bacalao is the one I'm most familiar with, but there are others.
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Dagaa? You might need to add salt to the recipe, because it's usually made with fish dried in salt.

Thai dried fish soup.

Brandade de saumon? Again, you'll probably have to add salt because the recipe's for salt cod, but.
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Shave into fettuccine Alfredo.
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It would probably be a great component for fish stock, along with some shrimp shells and aromatics. I'm thinking once it's reconstituted in the broth, you could pick it out and cube it and put it back in along with whatever you're using the fish stock for, almost like how you might have bits of bacon in a chowder.
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Thanks very much!
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