Once you go short you... get lazy and end up with long hair again
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Help me find a new hairstylist who understands "low maintenance", in Ann Arbor, Denver, or Phoenix.

I used to have a fabulous hairstylist. She could cut my hair short in such a way that I didn't need to put any product in it, and it looked good. Also when I then neglected to cut it for months it looked good while growing out, too.

She has since gone on to other pursuits, and I don't live in Berkeley anymore anyhow, so it's time to find a new person.

I've tried a few times and the most common problem I have is that the person doesn't understand low maintenance. I will not be putting product in my hair on a daily basis. I just won't. There will be no hairdryer. A comb is unlikely; usually it's just fingers. I say this, but then the stylist says "oh this product is really easy!" No, no it isn't. There is no easy product or process.

What I will do is wash my hair at night, and run my fingers through it in the morning. And I'm willing to pay a fair amount for the haircut that lets me do this.

I know it's possible because I've had it before. Who can give me this haircut again? (I live in Ann Arbor, but I travel not infrequently to both Denver and Phoenix).

And on preview, yes I've read some previous "get me a hairstylist" questions, but the low maintenance is really key here. I'm female and Caucasian with thickish hair, in case that's relevant. Price is not a concern; I'd rather spend money on the haircut than on a silly set of products anyhow!
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When I lived in Ann Arbor, I went to Raven for exactly what you are asking for. She opened her own salon in spring 2011:

527 E. Liberty Street, Suite 208 (upstairs in the Michigan Theater building)
(734) 330-3545

Don't know if it's still open, though.
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Do you have a picture of yourself with that haircut?
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I go to a great stylist in Boulder if you are interested in traveling a bit to get a cut. I have always been happy with his cuts and he cuts my boyfriend's hair too. Many friends go to him as well and everyone looks good and has been happy with him. . . Travis Smith at Chaz Salon in Boulder CO. He's not on the stylist list but he is there.
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Raven is still there, has cut my hair for years - she's great and she'll do what you want.
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Lara at Contempo in Ann Arbor. Seriously, a hair whisperer.
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Tara Santiago at Luminosity in Saline (just south of Ann Arbor). Ask for her specifically. She's done my hair for years and is amazing and will work with any requirements you have. (734) 944-7799
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In Phoenix, I highly recommend my amazing stylist Susan who totally gets how to cut hair for maximum laziness in styling. She has seriously been the only hair stylist (and I've had some awesome ones) who cuts my short hair in a way that doesn't need product. She also doesn't judge me when I don't come in for months or when I've cut my own hair
in drunken or other less than smart moments.

I've referred a few people to her so far, including my ladyfriend, and they've all been glowingly happy and we all have similar needs as you, it sounds. The salon she works at is Ide Mania and they have rave reviews for all their stylists, but I think Susan also has a great personality so I only go to her.
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