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Where is the best gym on the Las Vegas strip to run 18 miles on the treadmill?

I'm in the middle of marathon training and I have a long run scheduled when I need to be in Las Vegas. Running on the strip isn't going to work (heat, crowds, cars, available water...it just doesn't work.) Here's what I'm looking for: treadmills with individual TVs, a decent locker room to clean up afterward. Proximity to Bally's where my husband's cycling team is staying is a big plus. Multi-day passes would be nice too, but not required.

Cost...not an object.
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Are you looking for something in a hotel fitness center? I can't really help you there, but in general, Las Vegas Fitness Clubs are fantastic, a couple of them even have indoor tracks. The nearest one to the strip isn't that nice, but have TVs and decent lockers, saunas, whirlpools, etc.. If you can go to one of the more remote ones (10 minute drive or so) you get great facilities.

24 Hour Fitness is the only other club in the area I'm familiar with, but they're not very nice, not any closer, either.
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If you have any available time at all, it would be a travesty not to do the road loop at Red Rock Canyon.
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Whoops I didn't mean to submit so quickly. I was going to include a real answer as well.

To my experience (I haven't been out there in a few years), I think your best bet is Caesars Palace. It's on the opposite corner of the strip/flamingo blvd from Bally's (and there is an overpass walkway). They do allow non-guests to use their gym for a drop-in rate, I think it's somewhat expensive ($20 or $30). They do have nice treadmills with built in TVs. Only thing that I'm not sure of is the locker room, but you could run/walk back to Bally's in 5-10 minutes anyway.

You might want to call about multiday passes, and potential discounts ... Caesar's is owned by the same company as Bally's, so you might be able to get a deal here.

I expect Bellagio (and any of the other super-luxery resorts) to have a similar setup (and Bellagio would actually be closer to Bally's), but my experience is with Caesar's.
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