Best way to learn Oracle Webcenter
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What are the best resources for an Oracle newbie to learn Oracle?

Sometime over the next 6-18 months, the company I work for will be moving to Oracle Webcenter.

Although I have no Oracle experience, it's a chance for me to learn as the company has little experience of Oracle. So what are the best online courses, books or sites you can recommend to help me get up to speed?

Also open to advice, suggestions and other tips on the best way of familiarising myself with Oracle and getting practical experience, not just theory.

Thanks in advance...
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I suggest the official route. You can download an evaluation version here:

and get documentation and tutorials here:
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I would pull down the official Virtualbox based VM that has Oracle preconfigured and ready to rock. Many of our dev guys use that.
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It would help to know what your background is and what role you expect to have in your company's deployment of Oracle Webcenter. Oracle is a huge company with a boatload of products, so "Oracle Experience" covers a lot of ground.

I have been an Oracle E-Business Suite consultant for over 15 years and have worked with the Oracle RDBMS for nearly 20 years. I would have to agree with the recommendations that you go to the source. Join the Oracle Technology Network and take advantage of Oracle's policy of letting you download products for evaluation and development purposes.

I would also recommend looking for presentations from Oracle OpenWorld or a similar source for introductory and foundational material. There is all the material you need out there to get as much expertise as you want, especially if you can teach yourself by doing.
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Many thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated.

@Altomentis: My experience is in OpenText's Livelink/CS10, and my role would include the migration of material to Oracle, web-service testing and end-user training. There's still uncertainty as to exactly which products we'll be taking on, but Webcenter is a definite.
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