What can tempt my siblings away from Annapurna?
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Some of my siblings are talking about doing the Annapurna Circuit together next year. I've did it a few years back but would love to travel with them - can you recommend something that would provide similar adventure and excitement for them and also be new for me?

The reasons the Annapurna Circuit is attractive for them are that it is tough in places, it's spectacular scenery, it's an extended trek (~17 days), and it's not outrageously expensive (~$1000 Australian once you've arrived in Nepal).

I'm trying to find something that accomplishes all of those things without being the Annapurna Circuit. I've thought about the Everest Base Camp trek and that would certainly qualify, but I'm hoping to find something a little more different than just a separate trek in Nepal.

So: do you know of anything along these lines in Tibet? Northen India? Or further afield in Asia? It doesn't have to be mountainous and icy, but if I'm going to convince them to do something in place of Annapurna, it would have to be quite special (especially since I told them all how wonderful it was...).

Thank you kindly!
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I know you said you're looking for something that's not just a separate trek in Nepal, but if Tibetan culture interests you, I have heard the Langtang Trek is lovely. It takes you through Tibetan areas of northern Nepal and lets you avoid any uncomfortable political implications associated with trekking through Chinese-occupied Tibet. (Er, which is not to say you should feel uncomfortable about those implications. I do but YMM-absolutely-V.)
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I did the Langtang trek in May 2011 and loved it. We did the Syabrubensi to Kanjin Gompa section and back, which was not super-difficult (it gets tougher further on) and took about 5 days, which was a little quick (my trek-mates were both living in Kathmandu and were already acclimated to 1000m). The scenery was incredible (memail me if you want to see pictures!), and the trails were traveled but not crowded; we would pass other groups either of trekkers or locals a few times a day and at tea/guest houses, but were alone on the trail most of the time. We did it without a porter/guide/interpreter since my trek-mates spoke Nepali and Sherpa, but met some guides who I could recommend.
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I did the Jomsom Trek (half of Annapurna) and a friend I was traveling with did Everest. It sounded like the scenery wasn't as nice a Jomsom (or maybe she just had a bad experience) so maybe take a look at photos form each to compare. When we passed by the "entrance" to Mustang I was really intrigued. It looked beautiful and I wished I could have done a little side trip. I'm not sure if Mustang treks are their own thing or usually part of Annapurna but it's something to look into.
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How about Ladakh? I didn't trek when I was there, but I talked to many people who did and it sounded great - though maybe not quite as great as the Annapurna Circuit, which I did too.

There's also Peru.
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Best answer: Kyrgyzstan? Might be expensive to get to tho. I did a trip with the CBT crowd there that was amazing. No trekking for me, but it is available.
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