Do these things on windshield wipers serve any function?
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Do these things on windshield wipers serve any function, or are they purely decorative? And is there a name for them?
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Best answer: I think they are meant to act as an air foil providing force that pushes the wiper into the windshield while moving at highway speed. This alleviates the chatter you would otherwise experience when using the wipers while driving at high speed.
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Best answer: 'wiper wings' are for all your wiper blade down-force needs.
The next time you're pushing 90 and it starts've got wiper wings!
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Best answer: You can buy airfoil type blades like these that fit many cars not originally equipped with aero blades. They're well regarded in my anecdotal experience— they chatter less at speed than regular blades with clip-on airfoils, and conform better to the windshield curve.
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