Need to finally become an Excel/Powerpoint ninja. But how?
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I finally need to break down and school myself on Excel and Powerpoint. What's the best way to master them in the Bay Area?

There are a million programs out there that offer courses in Excel and Powerpoint. I'm looking for any recommendations you might have that can help me narrow down the field, or suggestions for creative alternatives such as online courses or sites with tips. I'm in the East Bay but can travel to SF. Thanks!
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My friend just completed courses at City College in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. All free. She thought they were great and has become quite the MS Office whiz.
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Seconding City College or Foothill College. Both even have online courses, and Foothill is still accepting registrations. I've taken a few classes through Foothill and have learned a lot, albeit more on the programming/computer networking side of things.
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Thirding Foothill. I did their online Excel class - good for basics and I had a good teacher. I've also done in-person classes for other courses. I think the Fall semester starts in a couple of weeks.
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Strongly recommend succeeding in business with Excel. Recommended by some MBA student friendss, it has great, THOROUGH examples, which is essential if you get mixed up easily in multistep problems. Even an older edition will work well. I regret giving my copy up since it was so helpful for non-college math as well.

It's on the syllabus of many colleges.

Powerpoint: think of a subject you like and search for those keywords on slideshare. That will show you good and bad examples of slide design and layout. Those are more important than figuring out how make slides fade in and out on screen. YOU are the presentation. Check out books with "visual thinking" or "presentation design" under the subject, so you don't get all bullety.

PP is for ugly or uncharismatic people ;)
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