Where can I get cheap and delicious food in Harlem?
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I work in West Harlem on 135th St. and 8th Ave. I love all types of food, but especially meaty, flavorful foods like oxtail stew. Where should I go? I'm a grad student with a 45-minute lunch break, so the cheaper and closer to work, the better!
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Your question seems very specific...try posting your query on Chowhound instead.
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Manna's is a place I go to whenever I work at the Apollo Theatre. It's quick, the food it hot (or cold when it is supposed to be cold) and fresh. It's buffet style so it offers a lot of tasty varieties! Enjoy!
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Yvonne and Yvonne is a reasonable bet; Caribbean food in a buffet table that is sold by weight (watch out, it can get expensive quickly). Their cornbread is good.

East of the park, I've heard there's a decent Ecuadorean place, Ecuatoriana, on 144th and Amsterdam is reasonable.

There's a fried fish place, Devin's Fish and Chips that does an excellent fried fish sandwich and incredibly addictive (and sweet) half and halfs (aka Arnold Palmers, or a mix of lemonade and iced tea). It is take out and it takes a while, but it is worth it to go occasionally.

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Eating in Translation is an amazing blog. It seems like he's in your neighborhood frequently and that he shares your culinary sensibility.

I enjoyed a meal at Jin Ramen. There was a line, but I was alone so I found a spot at the bar quickly. Prices are ~$10.

Also, Village Voice, Time Out New York, New York magazine, the Times and Serious Eats. All links are directly to Harlem searches/pages. You can easily restrict these further by cuisine, price and editorial rating. Sorry if these are all too obvious.
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