Occupy Muldoon's!
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What kind of art project(s) could I create with old paperback edition of Muldoon's Handling a Criminal Case in New York (that I'm willing to take apart)?

I'm almost never willing to destroy books, so this is a very exciting opportunity for me! But I finally left the practice of law, this edition is obsolete (2006-2007), and I have a newer edition that I don't need anymore either, anyway.

What cool projects could I make with the pages?
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How about creating a short film about the life of the book, and the ending is where you donate it to a used book shop.
posted by TrinsicWS at 6:13 AM on September 14, 2012

Use the pages as wallpaper in a closet/bathroom/study. I've seen this done and the result can be really fantastic.
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You can hollow it out and use it as a frame for mixed-media stuff.
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Lay the pages on an old table, cover with resin. You could include other law-related ephemera as well.
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Best answer: Humumentify it.
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Carve the book? Something like this is probably too much to ask, but a simpler type design might be doable.
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