But I am a non name knowing dork.
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What is this thing called?

All I can come up wtih is "silver catering tray" but I'm thinking it must have a name? Or maybe "silver catering tray" is it's proper name? I just need to describe it to a client and I don't want to look like a non name knowing dork. THANK YOU.
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I think it is a cloche (I included silver in my search, as otherwise you get cloche hats).
posted by AnnaRat at 2:38 AM on September 14, 2012

What AnnaRat said, though unless the client is specifically in food service you probably just want to call it a serving tray with dome cover/lid and move along, because you're likely to just end up having to explain what it is. (A serving tray with dome cover.)
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Thanks so much, amazing brilliant internet strangers! I'll go with the suggested "serving tray with a dome cover (aka a cloche)" to look both precise AND all knowing.
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Just as an aside, cloche translates to "bell" in English, so you may see it refred to as a bell tray (or some variant) as well.
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