Looking for a tool to generate complex CSS layout.
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Looking for a tool to generate complex CSS layout.

I am looking for a tool which will allow me to create a webpage which has a floating rectangle on the left of the page and a 5*5 grid of elements to the right hand side of the page.

I imagine that a tool must exist which would allow me to add divs, size them and position them with a sort of drag and drop interface, generate the css and kindly allow me to download it.

Searches have been fruitless. Preferable the tool would be only but if not I should say that I am on Windows 7
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Since asking the question I continued the search and while I didn't find the tool I did find a page which will allow me to create the layout I was looking for. Also it has the bonus of being a card sort which is ultimately what I was looking for. I was saving the draggable stuff for my next question.

Anyway here is the page in question.
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You could check out CSS grid frameworks like 960 or Blueprint. Even Twitter Bootstrap has a scaffolding section that provides a lot of details regarding how to setup a grid.

Glad you found your solution though.
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Thanks for those, will bookmark them for later!!
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