Me and my partner want to have an ANC, interested in your stories
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Are you part of an Adult Nursing Couple? I'm interested to hear your experiences. (NSFW)

I am a lesbian and me and my live in girlfriend have started to explore breastfeeding. Wikipedia talks about lesbian partners breastfeeding each other and how that is common enough- but we're interested in my partner starting to express milk and exploring that together. There are websites that talk about physical stimulation (20 minute sessions several times a day) can do this. Have you done this kind of thing with your partner? I'm curious about logistics, not interested in judgement, and especially if lesbians on Ask MeFi have engaged in this kind of play. Thanks. Throwaway email:
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I can't speak from experience on this type of play, but Kellymom is the best place to start for anything breastfeeding-related.
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I don't know about adult breastfeeding, but I do know about induced lactation (not as a doctor etc etc). The Newman-Goldfarb protocols are the gold standard and it's generally felt that pumping alone doesn't do much. The protocols basically involve taking the pill for a while to simulate pregnancy, then pumping and taking domperidone (which is hard to get in the US). There are doctors and lactation consultants out there who know about this and will help, you would want to ask about the protocols by name or at least use the term "induced lactation". I don't know what sort of reaction you're going to get if you're not looking to feed a baby though.
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FYI domperidone is very easy to get online from Canadian pharmacies (I don't have link at the moment but MeMail me if you want it and I'll look it up)
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Perhaps you could look up resources related to lactating after adoption? I have a friend who successfully lactated after adopting a baby. And I second the recommendation for
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