Easy to read Ulysses footnotes?
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I want a version of Joyce's Ulysses with footnotes at the bottom of the page. Paper or e-book.

There are a few annotated versions, but all I've seen put the explanatory notes at the back of the book. Even with a paper book I find this flipping back and forth an annoying way to read, and with my ebook reader it's all but impossible.

I want to tackle the beast that is Ulysses by reading the explanatory passages on the same page, as I am reading. I find this to be much easier on the eyes and the brain.

So is there a version out there that does this? E-book preferred, but paper is also good.
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You might be interested in this prior question. Such a version does not appear to exist.
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I'm not sure if the other thread mentioned above covers the annotated 'reader' for Ulysses?

This link shows you the options for the book 'Ulysses Annotated' from amazon, with paperback and ebook available.

Good Luck : )
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Doesn't exist.
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