Where should I spend a few months abroad?
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I'm a freelance web designer in New York State hoping to move abroad for 2-3 months early next year. I'm very interested in going somewhere warm, cheap, and accessible. A few more details inside...

I'm apartment-less starting in January, and decided this would be a good time to do something new.

I was hoping to spend on the lower end of $400-800 per month with basic utilities and Internet, somewhere warm and easily accessible abroad.

The current top candidate is Malta, but it seems that if I spend less than six months there most rentals consider it a "short let" and the rent costs almost double. It's still in my range, but I thought I'd get some other ideas as well.

The "2-3 month" requirement is mainly based around the Schengen Agreement restrictions. It's not really hard and fast (except when it comes to Schengen zone countries, of course).

I am pretty open-minded, but I'm particularly interested in the Mediterranean.

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I don't know how much a city in Equador costs rent-wise, but it's a pretty cool place, Quito especially.
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Really depends on what your interests are culturally, geographically, etc.
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There's so much variety it really does depend what you're into. Although I can't imagine why you'd want to go near Malta out of all the possibilities.
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How warm is warm? Many countries along the Mediterranean aren't necessarily super warm in January. Croatia or Corsica might be cheaper than Malta. If you're looking for warmth and can find a good plane ticket, New Zealand would be pretty awesome.
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Thanks three_red_balloons! I hadn't considered Corsica at all, but it looks awesome. New Zealand would be a top choice as well but I think the plane tickets would end up costing more than how much it would cost to live there! I'll still check it out though; if their visa laws let me stay longer it could be worth it.

To the others: I really have no idea what I'm interested in culturally. I've only been abroad once (three weeks in Italy this past January, which I absolutely loved) so I don't have too much of a sense of what I like and don't like yet.

I am particularly interested in the Mediterranean, but I think that's mostly because I want to be near water. If possible, I don't want to have to think too much about language; for all intents and purposes, I only speak English (working on Spanish in Duolingo but my skills are pretty elementary). The Amalfi Coast of Italy has always been a dream but it seems pretty well out of my price range for the "short term" stay I'd be looking at. I'd like to go somewhere with history.

Thanks for the help so far!
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I think you should be looking in Central and South America. What about Argentina, Costa Rica, Belize? I just threw those out there but I imagine that being in the same general time zone give or take a few hours will help with work and heading South should be quite a bit cheaper than Europe.

If you want to be near water you could always go to Thailand. Three's plenty of people working remotely over there. It would also be a lot cheaper than Europe, even considering the more expensive flight. New Zealand/Australia are going to kill you on living expenses and the flight so I'd stay away from those options.

Speaking another language isn't necessary to get by in other countries and if you went to a Spanish speaking country you could take Spanish courses at the same time.
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Central America would be a very appealing option. I'll have to do a bit more research, but I think Costa Rica or Belize could be awesome.

Thanks all!
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Central America sounds great. If Latin America don't do Argentina, or at least Buenos Aires in January. Warm is an understatement. Hot, humid, and lots of concrete.

Cartegena, Colombia I've heard is a nice place.
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