I'm looking for contemporary SF/Sci-fi/Speculative Fiction journals.
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I'm looking for contemporary SF/Sci-fi/Speculative Fiction journals.

I'm less interested in the classic, long-standing publications like Asimov's and more interested in newer journals working with fresh, interesting takes on the genre, and exploring how SF stories can be culturally relevant given the changing media landscape.

I am also somewhat interested in submitting to such a journal, so ideally these would be smaller presses that take unsolicited submissions and are willing to publish work by unknowns.
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Analog, formerly "Astounding Science Fiction and Fact," accepts unsolicited submissions--or rather it actively solicits submissions by the general public--and has a history of publishing previously unknown authors. There have been quite a few big-name authors who sold their first stories there.

They aren't new by any stretch of the word, but they're definitely interested in "interesting takes on the genre," etc. I subscribed a few years back and was pretty pleased with the content.
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Find markets at Duotrope.com. These are the SFWA qualifying markets.

I like Apex and Escape Pod.
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Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Strange Horizons.
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Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, published by Kelly Link's Small Beer Press, may interest you.
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