What's on Italian minds?
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Educate me about Italian current affairs.

We are leaving for Italy in a few days (we've never been), and I'd like to understand the issues that most Italians are concerned with, e.g., the economy, politics, religion, pop culture, crime, etc. I'm looking at various news sites, but I'd like to know more about the cultural context of current affairs.

Thanks in advance for your insights.
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I can't remember where I first saw this (on the Blue maybe?), but this captures some of the current zeitgest--Resto A Roma, a novelty song produced by a Roman radio station about how money is so tight these days, people are forgoing the Roman summer tradition of going to the beach (at Ostia, I think). Resto a Roma means "I'm staying in Rome."

Where are you heading? It will be very different in Piedmont than it would be in Sicily.
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We start in Venice, and the furthest south we go will be Orvieto. Not going to Rome or coastal areas. I understand that northern Italy has a different culture than the south. Is that true?

Thanks for the link.
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Here's a forum that discusses this--more anecdotes than data.
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Some current affairs in Italy are:
  • Raffaele Sollecito, who had a love affair with American exchange student Amanda Knox and then (supposedly) murdered Meredith Kercher.
  • Football club chief Massimo Moratti has been accused of a spying affair on other teams' players.
  • Supermodel Heidi Klum has denied that she has been having an affair with her bodyguard.
I hope this is helpful.
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Three links to Italian newspapers, all in Italian, two national papers, the Venice one a local paper. You will get an impression of the daily concerns, since all three are updated daily. You might want to google key words for more details.

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CIA World Factbook on Italy
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Resto a Roma was Roman comic Carlo Verdone's current take on last year's summer torment parody Ostia Beach. I think Verdone collaborated with the Ostia Beach creators, if I remember correctly; a friend of mine was tapped as one of the dancing extras for Resto a Roma.

Sollecito and Foxy Knoxy get brought up nowadays when it's a slow news day. The latest round of footie scandals are ongoing since the Euro cup this past summer. Not sure how la Klum shagging her bodyguard enters into the picture, unless that was what came up when you googled "Italy current affairs"....

An excellent political & current event analysis blog is Italian Politics with Walston, written I believe by a friend/acquaintance of our own aqsakal.
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Thanks everyone!
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