I need my own TA
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Can anyone walk me through the application procedure for international graduate students at the University of Cape Town?

I'm having a hard time making sure all my application materials are where they need to be, as well as my international student materials. The website is super confusing (I can't even figure out where to pay my application fees) and no one seems to answer emails.
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What faculty? Undergraduate studies or post-grad? Off-campus post-grad (business school)?

I've asked a friend who deals with Admissions, but feel free to MeMail me with specifics and we may be able to put you in touch with a helpful body who knows the ins-and-outs of foreign student applications.
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This isn't about UCT in specific, but I saw this:

> no one seems to answer emails.
If they don't respond to your emails, use the telephone.
If they don't answer the phone, send an email.
If neither works, show up on the doorstep.
(Or, reconsider if you really want such an organization in your life.)
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