I staked a digital claim...now what?
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What's some interesting/cool/fun stuff I can do with my personal Web hosting space?

I pay for webhosting, and I'd like to do cool stuff with it. Difficulty: Not a coder (but willing to learn enough to be dangerous). I have a basic homepage and a scriptogr.am-hosted blog and I run Tweet Nest to archive my Twitter stream.

In the past I've run a delicio.us clone, a couple personal Wikis, used it to test mySQL/php fiddling, set up a to-do site, and so on, and so I'd like to keep the space as sort of a sandbox for that sort of thing whenever the urge strikes. So help the urge strike!

All this is currently under one domain name (and subdomains). It's a full-featured (shared) hosting plan, as far as I can tell, so I'm able to do pretty much anything. I'd prefer free stuff, but I'll pay for it if it's awesome enough.

I dig the Tweet Nest Twitter Archiving. I've looked into the Fever RSS Reader but not taken the plunge. More like that, please.
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Not sure where you're hosting but maybe take a look at the web applications that major hosting companies typically offer? Set up a sub domain with a secure shopping cart in case the entrepreneurial bug hits!
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I love playing around with my VPS as well, so I'm keen on the answers too.

I use Rnews for RSS aggregation. Piwik is a great Analytics tool.

Gitit and Dokuwiki are the wikis I've liked most. The latter particularly has tons of neat plugins and customization.

See if anything in this link catches your interest for self hosted, open source webapps.
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Maybe a portfolio of html/css experiments documenting what you've learned.

How about a sandbox/playground where you can mess around with more advanced mysql topics?
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