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How does an old fart in the suburbs find a marijuana dealer?

I know there are no guarantees, but I am trying to minimize risk due to having a professional license. Are there ways to do this? I live about an hour from Boston. None of my friends are currently using, admitting to using, or know a connect.

Also, there is a marijuana reform rally coming up. Would that be a place to score at least once?
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That rally would be a place to meet people who you could score from after meeting them a few more times. If you start asking people where you can get pot the first time you meet them they'll think you're either a narc or socially inept. Most non-dealers are very wary of selling any amount of pot, and you're better off asking for an introduction to a dealer than for pot itself.

I know someone who found a dealer by walking across the most hippy liberal arts college campus in driving distance and asking random students where they could get pot until somebody helped out.

Other than naive college kids, not many people are going to be willing to sell to a stranger with no introduction.
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* or so I am lead to believe by people who know about these things ...
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Go to more mefi meetups.

(this is a serious answer)
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I have no idea about how to buy pot because I have actually never bought it in my life and don't smoke it. But apparently I know something about making friends who smoke pot. Just go to a reggae show and wiff the air for a few minutes, then follow the scent and you can make friends with the person you find on the end of it.
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If you know anyone that works in an advertising or media agency, ask them if they know someone.
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You're in luck because thanks to the laws that passed in MA not-that-recently now, almost no marijuana possession cases are getting tried and police are actually pretty loathe to even arrest otherwise-normal seeming people. That said, this is still a bit of a hassle and I agree that you should not at all try to hook up at the rally but you might manage to meet some people who might eventually know some people and bla bla bla. Seconding the MeFi meetups. I am not much of a partaker otherwise I'd be happy to help. When I was more of one, I'd go the college kid route but it always felt somewhat shady.
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Talk to some sort of alternative medicine practitioner, like someone who does acupuncture or acupressure. Anything on that side of the line basically, where they are helping people manage pain, or even practitioners that help people sleep or something.
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Oddly enough, Craigslist 'strictly platonic.'

Browsing might not be productive since the keywords are usually obscured by html text colour hiding (ie., making the text white on white background).

Depending on your area, the search terms might differ. 420, pot, buds, kind are pretty common around here. Just reply to the email address and be up front - you want some marijuana, you don't know who to buy it from, wondering if the advertiser could help you out.

Most people prefer to deliver, either to your home or you get into their car for a drive around the block.

Yeah, it can feel super sketch, but I met a really cool guy this way who became my regular for a while, and I've not had any problems with other people other than maybe some amateur hour garbage.
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Try your local red light district.
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Befriend musicians. Any neighbors with drumming coming from the basement or carrying guitar cases out to the car? Hang out with those guys.
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I know it won't help immediately, but isn't MA voting on medicinal MJ in November? You would be surprised how many people in Colorado need it for medicinal purposes.

I second KokuRyu on an alternative medicine practitioner,though.
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TOR, silk road, reddit.
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Also, there is a marijuana reform rally coming up. Would that be a place to score at least once?

Tends to be lit weed passed around at such. But "scoring" might prove problematic, as a public venue (even mj related) isn't usually recognized as a place to introduce oneself to a new dealer, i.e., few worthwhile dealers would risk being approached in a public place by someone looking to "score".
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i would try to get invited to more parties with more kinds of people. hopefully there i'd find the stoners and make friends with them (if they are folx i'd like to be [kind] buds with).
showing up to one party and asking one circle of potheads where you can score... might get you high, might get you a hookup. but you're liable to get farther if you make actual pals who smoke. then they can feel safe selling to you/looking for you/vouching for you.

good luck. :)
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The kid that cuts your lawn. It's above suspicion because you already hand him cash for lawn service, right?
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No, don't ask the kid who cuts your lawn, or any other teenager, it will get all over town. A meetup in the city could be good, and if you do find someone who can help you get some don't spend too much the first time.
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.It shouldn't be too hard to flesh out your circle. Most people have that friend or relative who smokes/sells. Plus you are in a state which is probably easier to score in comparison to a place like backwoods Oklahoma.
If that isn't possible you need to go on a fishing expedition. Go to bars or more sketchy areas. I can't even walk out of a gas station in some areas with out being asked if I want some bud.
Try looking for guys with backpacks... yes backpacks. That has worked for ne a few times I travel and don't have bud.
The takeaway is you have to put yourself out there. You have to ask around but when I lose a connect I generally can find a new one same day.
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Get to your local bar or club/music venue (the seedier the better) and ask around. There's always someone but your approach is key.
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Porpoise is correct about Strictly Platonic in Boston area, although my, uh, friend had more luck recently posting a "wanted" ad in that category than browsing existing ads. Said friend has met multiple connections through Craigslist and never had any problems with safety/legal issues with these people.
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